Picea A. Dietrich

Picea is a genus of about 35-40 species. Most are native in north temperate regions (primarily North America and Eurasia).

Page & Rushforth (1986) enumerate at least 19 species that are generally cultivated in Europe, either for commercial (sawn timber or paper pulp) or ornamental reasons. Several species of Picea are cultivated for timber production in Belgium as well, particularly in the Ardennes (or, more rarely, as ornamentals in public or private gardens). Lambinon & al. (2004) provide a key for the identification of the following taxa: Picea abies, P. omorika (Pančić) Purkynĕ, P. orientalis (L.) Link, P. pungens Engelm. and P. sitchensis. A very useful identification key for the species cultivated in Belgium is available here: http://www.arboretumwespelaar.be/userfiles/file/pdf/Key_Picea_JDL.pdf.

To our knowledge, so far only the following three species have been reported as self-reproducing in Belgium. Others probably have been overlooked so far.

1. Needles distinctly quadrangular in section with four equal sides. Buds non-resinous === Picea abies

1. Needles flattened to slightly rhombic in section with two sides (obviously longer than wide). Buds resinous or not === 2

2. Twigs glabrous. Leaves usually very pungent. Buds resinous === P. sitchensis

2. Twigs hairy. Leaves with a short mucro but not pungent. Buds usually not resinous (or only slightly so) === P. omorika



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