1. Leaves in clusters of 2 to many === 2

1. Leaves solitary === 4

2. Leaves in clusters of 2-6, scaly-sheathed at base (at least when young). Persistent === Pinus

2. Most leaves in clusters of 10-60, not sheathed at base === 3

3. Leaves deciduous. Cones < 40 mm long ==== Larix

3. Leaves persistent. Cones > 40 mm long === Cedrus

4. Leaf scars circular, slightly depressed (not projected at all). Leaf apex notched === Abies

4. Leaves inserted on slightly to conspicuously raised projections (never inserted in a depression). Leaf apex acute to obtuse, never notched === 5

5. Leaves abruptly narrowed to petiole-like base (semi-petiole appressed to the twig, more or less twisted). Leaf margins irregularly and minutely spinulose (high magnification!). Female cones less than 30 mm long === Tsuga

5. Leaves not petiolate or petiole oblique to patent, not appressed to the twig. Leaf margins entire. Female cones longer than 30 mm === 6

6. Leaves borne on peg-like, long decurrent projections (twigs roughened after leaves fall). Smell resinous === Picea

6. Leaves borne on slightly raised, elliptic, non-decurrent projections (twigs not or hardly roughened after leaves fall). Smell of apple === Pseudotsuga


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