The two genera in this account, both non-natives, are treated in their traditional circumscription. Molecular data have shown that Eichhornia currently is paraphyletic, Pontederia L. and Monochoria C. Presl being embedded in it (Graham et al. 1998; see also Ness et al. 2011). Pellegrini & al. (2018) recently proposed a new circumscription of these genera; in their concept Pontederia includes Monochoria and Eichhornia and counts 26 species.

1       Leaves ovate, up to 8 cm long, leaf stalk inflated (markedly swollen). Plant very rarely (never?) flowering outdoors in western Europe === Eichhornia

         Leaves triangular to narrowly ovate, up to 25 cm long, leaf stalks long, never swollen. Plant normally flowering in western Europe === Pontederia


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