Ribes spicatum

6. Ribes spicatum E. Robson (incl. R. xhoughtonianum Janczewski) (N and E-Eur., N-As.) – A very rare but poorly known escape from cultivation. Either no longer in cultivation or overlooked. First recorded in a hedge in Eelen in 1874. Furthermore in Wintershoven in 1895 and in 1902 in Neder-over-Heembeek. Apparently last collected in an old clay-pit near Brecht in 1974.

Ribes spicatum much resembles native R. rubrum and both are possibly confused. It is not sure if pure Ribes spicatum is still cultivated (see also van der Meijden 2005). Most Belgian collections of this species probably rather belong to its hybrid with Ribes rubrum (R. xhoughtonianum) (see also Weber 1992).

Weber (1992) and Richards (2010) provide good information for the distinction of both species.

The very similar Ribes petraeum (or one of its hybrids; see also above) could have been overlooked. It has been recorded in the Netherlands (Weeda 1982).

Ribes spicatum

Ribes spicatum

Ribes spicatum, stamen

Ribes rubrum by Sven Bellanger

Ribes rubrum

Ribes rubrum, stamen

Herbarium specimen 1

Herbarium specimen 2

Herbarium specimen 3

Herbarium specimen 4

Selected literature

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