Rudbeckia L.

Rudbeckia is a genus with exclusively North American species. The generic and specific boundaries have long been controversial. Species numbers, even among recent authors, range from 23 (Urbatsch & Cox 2006, Mabberley 2008) to only 13-15 (Wangdin & Knees 2000, Jäger & al. 2008) or even less. As currently understood and in accordance with DNA-based phylogenetic analyses Rudbeckia now includes the monotypic genus Dracopis Cass. (see Urbatsch & Cox 2006).

Most species of Rudbeckia have very showy flower heads. Several are therefore cultivated as ornamentals. Up-to-date accounts for the genus in cultivation in Europe are provided by Wangdin & Knees (2000) and Jäger & al. (2008). Some species might have been overlooked as a result of confusion with the species treated in this account.

1. Glabrous annual. Mid cauline leaves clasping-amplexicaul === 1. Rudbeckia amplexicaulis

1. Hirsute biennial (rarely annual) or glabrous perennial. Mid cauline leaves never clasping-amplexicaul === 2

2. Mid cauline leaves pinnatifid, usually with 5-9 lobes. Robust (often more than 200 cm), glabrous perennial === 4. R. laciniata

2. Mid cauline leaves never pinnatifid, entire or slightly lobed. Smaller (rarely exceeding 100 cm), hairy biennial (rarely annual) or perennial === 3

3. Sparsely hairy to nearly glabrous, stoloniferous perennial. Pappus coroniform, ca. 0,2 mm === 2. R. fulgida

3. Bristly-hairy, taprooted biennial or perennial (rarely annual). Pappus absent === 3. R. hirta


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