Schoenoplectiella Lye

Schoenoplectiella is a segregate genus of Schoenoplectus (Rchb.) Palla (Lye 2003). It includes all the species formerly placed in Schoenoplectus sect. Actaeogeton (Rchb.) J. Rayn. and Supini (Cherm.) J. Rayn. and accommodates ca. 50 species in both the Old and New World (Hayasaka 2012). None is native in Belgium. Its generic status has been confirmed by molecular data (e.g. Hayasaka l.c., Shiels & al. 2014). Distinguishing features are: glumes entire at apex, tufted annual or perennial habit and dark achenes that are marked with horizontal ridges.

A single species, Schoenoplectiella bucharica, has been recorded as an alien in Belgium.


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