Scorpiurus L.

Scorpiurus is a taxonomically complex genus, native in the Mediterranean area, Macaronesia, western Asia and northeastern Africa. Species delimitation is very controversial but most recent works only recognize two species: S. muricatus and S. vermiculatus L. (Mabberley 2008, Sell & Murrell 2009; compare for instance with Talavera & Domínguez 2000). All other taxa are given infraspecific rank, mostly under the former. Both species have been recorded as aliens in Belgium.

1. Flowers usually 2-5 in a head (rarely solitary). Stem and peduncle glabrous or with +/- appressed hairs. Fruit smooth to spiny === Scorpiurus muricatus

1. Flowers usually solitary (rarely 2 or more). Stem and peduncle with patent hairs. Fruit with blunt tubercles === S. vermiculatus



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