Sida spinosa

Sida spinosa L. (syn.: S. alba L.) (trop.) – A locally common but ephemeral alien, probably always associated with grain importation. First seen in 1976 in a cucumber field in Oud-Turnhout (doubtlessly introduced with manure; see also Sotiaux & al. 1981). Since the 1990’s seen each year in abundance near grain (especially soybean) mills in the port areas of Antwerpen and Gent. Rather rarely seen elsewhere and up to present only in Flanders. Usually seen on unloading quays, grain dumps, wasteland, road verges,… More rarely also as an agricultural weed and then sometimes persisting for several years (for instance in Ruiselede). Recently also found as a weed in lily fields in the Netherlands (Holverda & al. 2009, Reijerse & Verrijdt 2010).

Like Sida rhombifolia, it is often seen in abundance but rather rarely flowers in Belgium.

Sida spinosa is a variable species on a global scale and several closely related species are weedy as well. However, the Belgian collections are fairly uniform. A conspicuously narrow-leaved form (var. angustifolia (Lam.) Griseb., syn.: S. angustifolia Lam.) was recently recorded from a lily-field in the Netherlands and might occur in Belgium as well.



Sida spinosa, Hooglede, garden, grown from soybean waste from Ghent Grain Terminal, September 1997, F. Verloove Sida spinosa, Antwerpen, port (Albertkanaal near Merksem), unloading quay for cereals at Vamo Mills, 1994, F. Verloove

Herbarium specimen


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