Silene italica

Silene italica (L.) Pers. (Medit., W-As.) – A very rare, locally naturalized alien. Discovered in abundance in 2005 on a coal mining spoil heap near Charleroi (Damprémy) where it was probably introduced on purpose (wild flower seed mixture). Similarly, recorded since 2007 in a road verge in the port of Gent. At both localities Silene italica looks very well established. In 2011 furthermore discovered on a slope in the valley of river Nete in Steenbeemden and in a road verge near Bree. In 2013 also seen (a single plant) in a roadside in the port area of Gent (Farmanstraat) and in Grote Brogel (population). An up-to-date overview is available here:

Initially confused with native Silene nutans (Verloove 2008). Possibly overlooked elsewhere in Belgium. Records of “Silene nutans” from man-made habitats are suspect and require confirmation. Both species are superficially similar but easily distinguished (see key).

Selected literature:

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