Sinapis L.

Sinapis is a genus of five species, native to Europe and the Mediterranean area. One species, Sinapis arvensis L., is a common native (perhaps rather archaeophytic) weed (Lambinon & Verloove 2012).

Molecular data shed new light on the genus. According to some authors (Al-Shehbaz & al. 2006) it is best considered part of a broadly circumscribed genus Brassica. Arias & Pires (2012), in turn, proposed redefining Sinapis as to include members of Brassica, including B. nigra. Pending further studies Sinapis is here treated in a conservative way.

1 Beak of fruit much flattened, 10-30 mm long, at least as long as the body of the siliqua. Siliqua usually with 4-8 seeds. Leaves deeply pinnately lobed === Sinapis alba

Beak of fruit conical or cylindrical, not distinctly flattened, 7-16 mm long, shorter than the body of the siliqua. Siliqua usually with 8-13 seeds. Leaves toothed or shallowly lobed (native) === S. arvensis


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