Strigosella Boiss.

Strigosella is a genus of 20 species, mostly native to Europe, Central and West Asia and North Africa. It is a segregate of Malcolmia. The latter was a rather heterogeneous assemblage and its generic limits were controversial. Morphologically, cytologically and genetically both genera are clearly distinct and merit generic recognition (Dvorák 1970, Botschantzev 1972, Al-Shehbaz 2010, Dogan & al. 2011). They even belong to different tribes, Euclidieae and Malcolmieae respectively (Al-Shehbaz & Warwick 2007, Al-Shehbaz & al. 2014). According to Dvorák (1970), Fedtschenkoa Rgl. (syn.: Strigosella) is distinguished from Malcolmia by the following characters: base of the lateral sepals (almost truncate), shape of the petals (long unguiculate), filaments of the stamens of the inner whorl (equally wide), venation of siliqua valves (indistinct midrib and reticulate lateral veins), etc. It also has a different basic chromosome number.

One species of Strigosella is economically important (as a weed of arable land), S. africana.

Additional alien: Strigosella africana var. laxa (Lam.) Botsch.) (syn.: Malcolmia laxa (Lam.) DC.) (SW-As., grain alien).



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