Sulla Med.

Sulla is a segregate of Hedysarum L. and corresponds with the latter’s section Spinosissima (Choi & al. 1999, Choi & Ohashi 2003). Its generic status has been questioned (e.g. Ahangarian & al. 2007). Recent molecular data, however, showed it to be monophyletic and well separated from Hedysarum s.str. (e.g. Amirahmadi & al. 2014, Duan & al. 2015). Apart from Alhagi, Sulla forms a well-supported clade sister to the rest of the Hedysaroid clade. The genus is indigenous from Siberia, central-western Asia to the European Mediterranean region and North Africa and counts eight species (Amirahmadi & al. 2014). One out of these, Sulla coronaria, is sometimes cultivated for fodder (Italian sainfoin) and often occurs as an escape outside its native distribution area. It has been found as an alien in Belgium.


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