Tolmiea Torr. & A. Gray

Tolmiea is native to western North America. It was long thought to be a monospecific genus. Recent studies, however, have shown that two species should be recognized: an autotetraploid (T. menziesii (Pursh) Torrey & A. Gray) and a diploid (T. diplomenziesii Judd, Soltis & Soltis) (Judd & al. 2007). Both differ not only cytologically but also geographically and genetically. The former is larger in stature and probably the species that is widely grown as an ornamental, also in Europe. It has been recorded as an escape in Belgium.
The genus is morphologically similar and closely related to the genera Heuchera, Mitella, Tellima and Tiarella. Hybrids between Tolmiea menziesii and Tellima grandiflora have been reported from Washington (Soltis & Bohm 1985).


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