Trachystemon D. Don

Trachystemon is a monospecific genus, native to the eastern Mediterranean region (Bulgaria and Asia Minor). Some authors (e.g. Mabberley 2008) still consider Trachystemon as to include two species but the only other species described in this genus (T. creticus (Willd.) G. Don, originally described as Borago cretica Willd.) is now accommodated in the genus Symphytum (as S. creticum (Willd.) Greuter & Rech. f.; syn.: Procopiania cretica (Willd.) Guşuleac) (E+M Plantbase).

Its single species, Trachystemon orientalis, is regularly cultivated as an ornamental in Europe (Richardson 2000), less frequently as a minor crop (e.g. Gladis & Pistrick 2011).

Selected literature:

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