Vitis L.

Literature: given its economic importance, there is a vast literature on Vitis (primarily V. vinifera). The following references deal with wild species of Vitis that are escaping in Europe: Laguna (s.d.), Laguna (2003), Laguna (2004), Arigo & Arnold (2007), Galasso & al. (2007).

Vitis is a genus of ca. 60 species, mostly in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.Vitis vinifera is the usual grape producing vine but several different American vines were imported to Europe as rootstocks for grafting V. vinifera on it. In southern Europe these rootstock species are increasingly escaping and frequently behave as noxious environmental weeds. Their taxonomy is poorly understood so far in Europe. Several useful contributions were published by Laguna (see literature list). In Belgium all records are ascribed to Vitis vinifera but the presence of one or more of these American species cannot be ruled out. Further study will be required to assess the exact identity of Vitis in the wild in Belgium.

Vitis vinifera


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