Vulpia ciliata

Vulpia ciliata Dum. subsp. ciliata (syn.: V. aetnensis Tineo, V. danthonii (Aschers. et Graebn.) Volk.) (Medit.) – A very rare but probably increasing alien, perhaps often overlooked. Formerly exceptionally recorded as a wool alien near Verviers (1948). More recently sometimes seen on gravelly soil near coal mine heaps or along disused railway tracks, in Flanders (port of Gent) as well as in Wallonia (Boussu, Châtelet, Seilles, Vaulx). Apparently naturalizing locally.

This is a rather characteristic but easily overlooked taxon. It is probably flowering earlier than the other taxa and spikelets are often remarkably patent after anthesis. It might be more widespread than generally admitted and should be looked for.

Antwerpen, port area, bare, sandy ground in industrial area, June 2012, R. Barendse

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