The familial circumscription of Woodsiaceae dramatically changed in recent years, mostly as a result of molecular phylogenetic studies (see e.g. Smith & al. 2006, Schuettpelz & al. 2016 for an overview). Compared with the latest edition of the Belgian flora (Lambinon & Verloove 2012) Matteucia and Onoclea – both genera with highly dissimilar fertile and sterile leaves – have been removed and are now accommodated in Onocleaceae. The other native genera (Athyrium, Cystopteris and Gymnocarpium) remained in Woodsiaceae (Smith & al. 2006). Additional studies, however, suggest further changes (Schuettpelz & al. 2016): Woodsiaceae is reserved for Woodsia only while Athyrium is accommodated in Athyriaceae and Cystopteris and Gymnocarpium in Cystopteridaceae. A more conservative approach is followed in this account.

1. Rhizomes long-creeping with fronds appearing singly. Indusium absent (native) === Gymnocarpium

1. Rhizomes short with fronds appearing in tufts. Indusium present === 2

2. Indusium attached laterally, flap like and persistent === Athyrium

2. Indusium attached at proximal side of sorophore, early deciduous (native) === Cystopteris


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