Xanthocyparis Farjon et Hiep

Xanthocyparis is a segregate of Chamaecyparis, mainly distinguished by the absence of white markings on the scale leaves (and strongly supported by recent molecular phylogenetic studies; see Little & al. 2004). It counts two species: the North American and widely cultivated Xanthocyparis nootkatensis and a rare endemic in northern Vietnam (X. vietnamensis Farjon et Nguyen) (see Farjon & al. 2002).

The application of the generic names Xanthocyparis and Callitropsis remains controversial (compare Little & al. 2004 and Mill & Farjon 2006). Also, Xanthocyparis has been considered part of Cupressus. Mao & al. (2010) found that Xanthocyparis is embedded within Cupressus, its treatment as a separate genus leaving Cupressus paraphyletic. Xanthocyparis sensu Farjon is itself paraphyletic, with Nootka Cypress more closely related to other American Cupressus species, than it is to Vietnamese Cypress.



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