Zantedeschia Spreng.

Zantedeschia is a small genus of probably eight species (Singh & al. 1996). The entire genus is confined to South Africa. All species have showy, fragrant flowers and are commonly grown as ornamentals in warm-temperate and subtropical areas throughout the world (Yeo 1984). In colder areas they are grown indoors or need winter protection. Z. aethiopica is the only exception and withstands up to – 15°C.
Artificial hybridization has considerably blurred species boundaries. Plants in horticulture may belong to cultivars or hybrids that do not exist in nature.
At least two species have been recorded in the wild in Belgium.

1. Leaves unspotted and evergreen. Female part of spadix with conspicuous yellow staminodes === Zantedeschia aethiopica

1. Leaves with numerous translucent white spots, deciduous. Female part of spadix without staminodes === Z. albomaculata


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