Bistorta affinis

Bistorta affinis (D. Don) Greene (syn.: Polygonum affine D. Don, Persicaria affinis (D. Don) Ronse Decraene) (Himalayas) – Commonly grown for groundcover in Belgium but apparently rare as an escape from cultivation. Recorded in a dry, sandy roadside in the port of Antwerpen in July 2012.

Despite being frequently cultivated Bistorta affinis is rarely reported as an alien in Europe. Even in the British Isles there seem to be no modern records (see for instance Clement & Foster 1994).

 Bistorta affinis, Antwerpen, port area (Luithagen), sandy roadside, July 2012, F. Verloove

Selected literature:

Clement E.J. & Foster M.C. (1994) Alien plants of the British Isles. BSBI, London: XVIII + 590 p.

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