Corispermum L.

Corispermum is an exceedingly complex genus in terms of taxonomy and nomenclature. As currently understood (i.e. in a narrow species concept) it probably comprises about 65 species in Eurasia and North America (Mabberley 2008). All are confined to sandy habitats or shingle. None is native in Belgium.

Two species have traditionally been claimed from Belgium. In addition to the species treated below, Corispermum intermedium Schweigg. (syn.: C. hyssopifolium L. subsp. macropterum Fenzl ex Ledeb.) was long accepted as a naturalised alien (see for instance Lawalrée 1953). However, a thorough herbarium revision recently showed that all Belgian specimens of presumed Corispermum intermedium in fact belong to C. pallasii (Verloove & Lambinon 2008). Other species of Corispermum could occur in Belgium as well. Corispermum marschallii Steven, for instance, was formerly naturalised in the Netherlands (De Jongh & van Soest 1941). Most species of the genus are very much alike and likely to be confused. Careful study of individual populations seems necessary and could yield additional species.

1. Faces of fruit glabrous (but often warty). Fruit obovate, ca. 1-1,5x as long as wide, with distinctly winged margins === 2. Corispermum pallasii

1. Faces of fruit densely hairy (especially when young), with branched trichomes. Fruit oblong, ca. 2x as long as wide, without or with a very narrow marginal wing === 1. C. gmelinii


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