Crambe L.

Crambe is a genus of 35 species, native to Eurasia, the Mediterranean area, Macaronesia and mountains of tropical Africa. One species, Crambe maritima L., is a rare native species and is confined to sea shores. Some species are economically important, either as commercial oilseeds or as ornamentals (see Akeroyd 1995 and Jäger & al. 2008 for an overview of the latter).

  • Hispid annual (at least lower stem and leaves). Basal leaves lyrate-pinnatisect with a large terminal lobe and 0-2 small lateral lobes. Petals 3-4 mm long. Upper segment of silicula 3-4,5 mm long === Crambe abyssinica
  • Glabrous and glaucous perennial. Basal leaves sinuate-dentate to irregularly pinnatifid. Petals 6-10 mm long. Upper segment of silicula 7-12 mm long (native) === C. maritima


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