Cyperus eragrostis (Cyperaceae): historiek en huidige status in België

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:F. Verloove
Start Page:7
Date Published:7/2006

Cyperus eragrostis (Cyperaceae): history and current status in Belgium. Cyperus eragrostis
Lam., once a rare South American ephemeral alien in Belgium, seems to have recently become naturalised.
After recurring records of, often, long-persisting individuals (especially from the 199O's onwards), a large
and apparently naturalised colony was discovered in 2002 in Evergem, north of Ghent (province of East-Flanders). The species' history in Belgium is drawn and special attention is paid to recent records. Ecological data (incl. a phytosociological relevé) and original illustrations, based on herbarium specimens, are included.

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