Drie slecht gekende taxa van het genus Calystegia(Convolvulaceae) in België

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:F. Verloove
Start Page:25
Date Published:04/2012

Three little-known taxa of the genus Calystegia (Convolvulaceae) in Belgium. Recent fieldwork and a thorough herbarium revision have resolved some taxonomic problems within the genus Calystegia in Belgium. The enigmatic and non-native Calystegia silvatica is reliably reported for the first time. It is probably often overlooked and seems well-naturalised locally. Several additional records (including a recent one) are provided for non-native Calystegia pulchra. Finally, we ascribe pink- flowered forms of native Calystegia sepium to subsp. sepium f. colorata. A key for the identification of all Belgian taxa of the genus Calystegia is provided.

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