Ephedra L.

Ephedra is a complex genus of ca. 60 species, widely dispersed in dry areas in the Americas, Asia and the Mediterranean region. None is native in Belgium.

The genus Ephedra is increasingly grown nowadays. Contrary to Yeo (1986), who only cites Ephedra gerardiana Stapf, several taxa are offered for sale as ornamental plants, especially for dry rock gardens (see also Roloff & Bärtels 2006).

At least two distinct taxa of Ephedra have recently been recorded in coastal areas in Belgium. In the absence of female plants their identity remains somewhat doubtful.

  • Slender shrub, rarely exceeding 25 cm. Stems often procumbent, 0,7-1 mm wide. Leaves up to 2 mm long, nodes not swollen === 1. Ephedra distachya
  • Stout shrub up to 60 cm. Stems ascending to erect, oldest branches woody and furrowed, up to 3 mm wide. Leaves 2-4 mm long, nodes often obviously swollen === 2. E. saxatilis var. sikkimensis


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