Further notes on Cyperaceae in the Iberian Peninsula: corrections, adjustments and additions

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:F. Verloove, Gullón E. Sánchez
Journal:Flora Mediterranea
Start Page:141
Keywords:Cyperus, Eleocharis, Iberian Peninsula

Recent fieldwork and herbarium revisions have considerably improved the taxonomic knowledge
of genera Cyperus and Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula. In this paper
new records are provided for Cyperus aggregatus (2nd record in the province of Huelva, Spain)
and C. serotinus (first report from Andalucia). Cyperus croceus and C. retrorsus are reported
for the first time from the Iberian Peninsula and, apparently, also from Europe. Previous
Spanish records of Cyperus cyperoides turned out to be in error for C. retrorsus. Analogously,
the name Cyperus bellus given as naturalized at the Laguna Chica in Moral de Calatrava (Spain)
has to be changed to a still unidentiffied species of Cyperus. C. esculentus var. macrostachyus
– a distinct American variety – is a naturalized weed of arable land in northeastern Spain.
Finally, part of the collections of Eleocharis flavescens from the Iberian Peninsula are in fact
proved to belong to E. caduca, a weed from the Old World tropics. Genuine Eleocharis
flavescens is here confirmed from Baixo Alentejo (Portugal).

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