Larix Mill.

Larix is a small genus of about 10-12 species. At least seven are in cultivation in Europe (Page 1986) but only Larix decidua, L. kaempferi and their hybrid L. xmarschlinsii are more or less widely cultivated in Belgium. Taxa of Larix are cultivated on a large scale for timber production or as solitary trees in private and public gardens, cemeteries, parks,…

Larix is surely insufficiently known in Belgium. As a rule, typical plants of Larix decidua and L. kaempferi are readily distinguished. However, their hybrid shares characters of both and sometimes much approaches either of its parents. Poland & Clement (2009) provide useful features for the identification of vegetative plants of all three taxa. 

  •  Young twigs straw-coloured, always glabrous. Needles bright green when young, 12-30 mm long === 1. Larix decidua
  •  Young twigs brownish-reddish, usually hairy. Needles dark green or glaucous when young, 15-40 mm long === 2. L. kaempferi
  •  Young twigs pinkish-brown, usually glabrous. Needles very glaucous when young, 40-50 mm long === 3. L. xmarschlinsii


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