Lycium L.

Lycium is a genus of ca. 80 species, native in warm-temperate areas of both hemispheres (but predominantly in the New World). Some species are cultivated as ornamentals, especially for hedging in coastal areas.

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  • Corolla tube longer than the corolla lobes (corolla divided less than ½ way to base), cylindrical. Corolla usually less than 17 mm across, its lobes sparsely ciliate at margin or not at all. Largest leaves narrowly elliptic, very gradually narrowed at both ends, widest at the middle. Plant always spiny === 1. Lycium barbarum
  • Corolla tube shorter than the corolla lobes (corolla divided at least ½ way to base), campanulate. Corolla usually more than 17 mm across, its lobes densely ciliate at margin. Largest leaves ovate, abruptly rounded at both ends, widest below middle. Plant sometimes less spiny === 2. L. chinense


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