Matthiola R Brown

Matthiola is a genus of ca. 50 species. Most are native in the Mediterranean area and Macaronesia, some also in Western Europe but none in Belgium. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe (see Akeroyd 1995) but only few are more or less widespread in cultivation. Two of the most frequently grown species have been recorded as escapes in Belgium.

  • Plant usually perennial, woody at base. Fruit 3-6 mm wide, flattened, without conspicuous stigmatic horns at apex. Cauline leaves entire, rarely sinuate. Pedicels in fruit at least 5 mm long. Petals 7-15 mm wide === Matthiola incana
  • Plant always annual, never woody at base. Fruit 1-2 mm wide, terete, with 2 conspicuous stigmatic horns at apex. Cauline leaves dentate to pinnatifid, rarely nearly entire. Pedicel in fruit ca. 1-2 mm long. Petals 2-5 mm wide === M. longipetala subsp. bicornis


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