Nieuwe en interessante voederadventieven in België en aangrenzend Nederland, hoofdzakelijk in 1996

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:F. Verloove, Vandenberghe C.
Start Page:13

New and interesting fodder-aliens in Belgium and the adjacent Netherlands, especially in 1996 - As a result of field work carried out in 1996 six adventitious taxa are reported for the first lime from Belgium: Helianthus petiolaris, Lolium subulatwn, Malcomia africana, Piptatherutn miliaceum subsp. miliaceum, Solatium elaeagnifolium and Verbena urticifolia. Further interesting records include Axyris amaranthoides, Dasypynim villosum, Datura iimoxia. Echinochloa muricala subsp. microstachya and Valerianella eriocarpa. Due to unfavourable climatological circumstances the harvest of soya bean aliens was less successful than in other years.

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