Nieuwe en interessante voederadventieven voor de Belgische flora, hoofdzakelijk in 1997

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:F. Verloove, Vandenberghe C.
Start Page:18

New and interesting fodder-aliens in Belgium, especially in 1997 - Continuing previous research in the Belgian adventitious flora eighteen acquisitions were recorded: Agrostis scalmt, Anthemis altissima, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Commelina diffusa, Diplotaxis virgata, Eragrostis pectinacea, Eragrostis virescens, Erodium stephanianum, Euphorbia heterophylla, Ipomoea coccinea, Knautia Integrifolia, Melampodium perfoliatum (Asteraceae; apparently the first European mention), Papaver somniferum subsp. setigerum, Perilla frutescens (Lamiaceae), Physalis pubescens, Plantago lagopus, Scolymus maculatus and Silene nocturna. The remarkable gatherings of (sub-)tropical soya bean weeds in the vicinity of the Cargill-mill at Antwerp and the extreme richness of southern European cornfield weeds at G.G.T. at Ghent and near the paste-mill of Anco at Turnhout are noteworthy. Agrostis scabra - in the past misidentified as A. hyemalis in Belgium - has been found as an ephemerophyte at Ghent; the species is however also an established and expanding neophyte N of Antwerp.
Its local actual distribution is indicated.

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