Rumohra adiantiformis

Rumohra adiantiformis (Forster) Ching (syn.: Polystichum adiantiforme (Forster) J. Smith, Dryopteris adiantiformis (Forster) Kuntze) (southern hemisphere) – An exceptional, casual escape from cultivation. Recorded once, in 1993, in Kontich (cultivated and subspontaneous).

Contrary to Page & Bennell (1986), indusia in Rumohra are peltately attached and not kidney-shaped (reniform).

Rumohra adiantiformis leafRumohra adiantiformis sorus

Page C.N. & Bennell F.M. (1986) Rumohra. In: Walters S.M. & al. (eds.), The European Garden Flora, vol. 1: 59-61. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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