Smilax L.

Smilax is a large genus of probably more than 350 species. Most are confined to the tropics and subtropics; some extend to more temperate regions. None is native in Belgium but a few species are cultivated as ornamentals (see for instance Alexander 1986).

  • Leaves leathery, variable in size and shape but at least young leaves narrowly lanceolate, hastate to sagittate at base, almost always with spiny margins, often with white blotches. Inflorescence compound, of several umbel-like clusters. Berry black or red, ca. 3-4 mm across === 1. Smilax aspera
  • Leaves not or only slightly leathery, broadly ovate, truncate to cordate at base, margins rough or with fine teeth but never spinose, never blotched with white. Inflorescence a single umbel. Berry black, ca. 6 mm across === 2. Smilax rotundifolia


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