Studies in the genus Paspalum (Paniceae, Poaceae) in Europe – 2. The Quadrifaria group

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:F. Verloove, Reynders M.
Start Page:423
Keywords:distribution., Italy, Paspalum exaltatum, Paspalum quadrifarium, taxonomy, xenophyte

The South American Paspalum quadrifarium has been reported as a naturalized xenophyte in Tuscany and Liguria, Italy, since at least the 1960s. In the present contribution the discovery of the closely related P. exaltatum, also of South American origin, in Liguria, Italy, is reported. These are the only known occurrences in Europe of both species, which are very similar to each other and likely to be confused. In the present paper their diagnostic features are discussed and original line drawings and SEM photographs for both taxa are presented. Their current distribution in Italy is shown and some ecological remarks are added.

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