A synopsis of Jarava Ruiz & Pav. and Nassella E. Desv. (Stipa L. s.l.) (Poaceae: Stipeae) in southwestern Europe

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:F. Verloove
Start Page:97
Date Published:2005
Keywords:chorology, Europe, identification, Jarava, Nassella, neophytes, taxonomy

A taxonomic revision of the naturalized representatives of the South American genera Jarava Ruiz
& Pav. and Nassella (Trin.) E. Desv. (segregates of Stipa L. s.l.) in Europe revealed several interesting
data. Eight taxa are currently regarded as, at least locally, naturalized in the Iberian Peninsula,
Macaronesia, France (incl. Corsica) and/or Italy : Jarava ambigua (Speg.) Peñail., J. brachychaeta
(Godr.) Peñail., J. caudata (Trin.) Peñail. and J. plumosa (Spreng.) S. W. L. Jacobs & J. Everett, and
Nassella neesiana (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth, N. poeppigiana (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth, N. tenuissima
(Trin.) Barkworth and N. trichotoma (Nees) Arechav. Nassella mucronata (Kunth) R. W. Pohl
has not been confirmed, all actual European populations being definitely ascribable to the closely
related N. neesiana. Particular attention is paid to the confusion of both taxa in Europe and useful
diacritic features for their distinction are discussed. Only two taxa have become more or less
widespread to date (N. neesiana and N. trichotoma), both being present respectively in all or
nearly all investigated countries. Two further taxa (Jarava brachychaeta and J. caudata) also tend
to increase. Jarava ambigua (confused with J. brachychaeta in S-France) is cited for the first
time as a naturalized alien in Europe. All taxa but Nassella tenuissima (which is an escape from
cultivation) are believed to have been introduced unintentionally ; all are of American origin.
Each taxon is described and a dichotomous key, original line drawings of all species’ anthecia and
further chorological, nomenclatural, taxonomic and ecological data are provided.

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