Valeriana is a genus of ca. 200 species mainly distributed in the northern hemisphere (some species in South Africa and South America). Three species (taxonomical rang somewhate controversial) are native in Belgium: Valeriana dioica L., V. repens Host and V. wallrothii Kreyer. According to Gardner & Richardson (2000) eight species are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe (see also Jäger & al. 2008). Some of these much resemble Valeriana officinalis (for instance V. phu) and might have been overlooked. Infraspecific, non-native taxa of Valeriana officinalis are possibly also neglected.

1. Basal leaves pinnate (native) === Valeriana repens and V. wallrothii

1. Basal leaves not pinnate === 2

2. Stolons absent. Plant up to 120 cm tall. Basal leaves deeply toothed. Upper cauline leaves with 1 or 2 pairs of lateral leaflets === 1. Valeriana pyrenaica

2. Stolons present. Plant up to 40(-60) cm tall. Basal leaves entire. Upper cauline leaves pinnatifid (native) === V. dioica

Additional alien: Valeriana phu L. (Turkey, garden escape).


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