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Cortaderia Stapf

Cortaderia is a genus of ca. 25 species, all native in South America (the species center of diversity) and New Zealand. As currently circumscribed, Cortaderia is not monophyletic and New Zealand representatives probably merit generic recognition (see also Barker & al. 2003).

Apart from Cortaderia selloana, the famous Pampas grass, at least two other similar species of this genus are in cultivation in Europe: the South American C. jubata (Lem.) Stapf (syn.: Gynerium jubatum Lem.) and the New Zealand endemic C. richardii (Endl.) Zotov (syn.: Arundo richardii Endl.) (see Walters & al. 1984). It is not clear whether or not these taxa are also grown in Belgium. The latter has been reported as increasingly self-seeding in the British Isles, especially in Scotland (Clement 2005b).


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