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Artemisia scoparia Waldst. et Kit. (C and E-Eur., As.) – A rare but probably slightly increasing, ephemeral alien. First recorded as a wool alien in the valley of river Vesdre in 1911. In the past years observed several times but always single plants: under a crash barrier in Izegem in 1999, on a dump in Roeselare in 2000 and near a garden center in Dadizele in 2008. At least the two first records are possibly associated with grain (incl. birdseed).

Artemisia scoparia is a characteristic species of thermophilous grassland (steppe) and is locally becoming naturalised in Central-Europe (outside its native distribution range), especially near railway stations (Brandes 2002). Recently also recorded in the Netherlands (Holverda & al. 2009).

Herbarium specimen

Selected literature:

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