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Gaudinia Beauv.

Gaudinia is a small genus of four or five species that are native in the Mediterranean region and Macaronesia. One species, Gaudinia fragilis, extends further north but is not native in Belgium.

The systematic position of Gaudinia is contested. It was lumped with Koeleria, Trisetum, Gaudinia, Rostraria, Avellinia, Peyritschia, Leptophyllochloa and Parafestuca within Trisetaria based on interpretation of complex early DNA phylogenies (Quintanar et al. 2007, Saarela et al. 2010). Anticipating further work on the subtribe might resolve these genera as monophyletic. Therefore, all were retained by Soreng & al. (2017) and this conservative approach is adopted here as well (see also Tison & de Foucault 2014).


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