Acorus L.

Depending on species delimitation, Acorus is a genus of three to six species from temperate regions in the northern hemisphere and tropical Asia.

In addition to the widespread Acorus calamus (the only species present in Belgium), a second species is grown as an ornamental, A. gramineus Sol. (Jäger & al. 2008). It is much smaller in stature with narrow, grass-like leaves less than 10 mm wide. It is unlikely to be confused with A. calamus and might pop up in the wild if it would become more widely offered in the horticultural trade. Another species (of debated taxonomic rank) is A. americanus (Raf.) Raf. (syn.: A. calamus var. americanus Raf.). This is exceedingly similar to A. calamus and used for the same purposes (Thompson 2000). Contrary to the latter it is fertile and thus produces seeds. In addition to the distinct midvein up to five additional veins are more or less equally raised above leaf surface. A. calamus in general also has longer and wider leaves and longer spadices. It is not impossible that A. americanus has been overlooked in western Europe; it should be looked for.


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