(incl. Sambucus, Viburnum)

As a result of recent molecular phylogenetic research the familial circumscription of Adoxaceae has considerably changed. As currently accepted it includes Sambucus and Viburnum (Mabberley 2008, APGIII 2009); both were formerly included in Caprifoliaceae or Sambucaceae as a family of its own (see Bolli 1994). This taxonomic viewpoint was recently followed, for instance, by van der Meijden (2005) but remarkably neglected – without obvious reason – by Stace (2010 a,b).

1       Delicate herbaceous perennial, up to 15 cm tall. Leaves once to 3-ternate. Stamens 4-5, all divided nearly to base (and thus appearing 8-10 in number) (native) === Adoxa

         Woody or herbaceous, shrub- or tree-like perennials, much taller. Leaves simple or pinnate, never ternate. Stamens 5, all undivided === 2

2       Leaves pinnate === Sambucus

         Leaves simple (but sometimes deeply lobed) === Viburnum


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