Anchusa L.

(excl. Lycopsis L.)

Anchusa is a genus of ca. 33 species (Mabberley 2008). Most are native in Europe, some in Africa and W Asia. Not a single species is native in Belgium but Lycopsis arvensis L. (syn.: Anchusa arvensis (L.) Bieb., from a closely related segregate genus, is native (or possibly rather archaeophytic) (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). Only few species are cultivated as ornamentals (e.g. Cox 2000, Jäger & al. 2008).

The generic limits of Anchusa have long been unclear. In order to bring taxonomy in line with phylogeny a narrower but more natural concept of Anchusa was advocated by Hilger & al. (2004). As a consequence, generic status of Lycopsis L. was reinstated.

1       Calyx lobes obtuse to rounded at apex, with distinct hyaline margin. Corolla pale yellow to cream === Anchusa ochroleuca

         Calyx lobes acute at apex, margins not or scarcely hyaline. Corolla bluish or purplish (rarely pink, white or cream) === 2

2       Calyx divided nearly to base. Nutlets ca. 6-10 mm long. Corolla usually deep blue === A. azurea

         Calyx usually divided at most to ½ (very rarely nearly to base). Nutlets ca. 4 mm long. Corolla violet, rarely pink, white or cream === 3

3       Bracts lanceolate. Calyx exclusively with long hairs, calyx lobes longer than tube. Plant rarely exceeding 100 cm === A. officinalis

         Bracts ovate to triangular. Calyx with long and short hairs, calyx lobes ca. as long as to shorter as tube. Plant up to 180 cm tall === A. procera


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