Anethum L.

Anethum is a small genus of uncertain origin (probably the Mediterranean). Its boundaries are controversial. Based on carpology and molecular data it was recently split, the North African Anethum foeniculoides Maire & Wilczek now being accommodated in a newly created genus Schoenoselinum Jim.-Mejías & P.Vargas (Jiménez-Mejías & Vargas 2015). The remainder of the genus only includes two species, Anethum graveolens, that is widely cultivated as herb and A. theurkauffii Maire, a North African species only know from the type collection (Jiménez-Mejías & Vargas 2015).
Molecular data demonstrate its close relationship to Apium, Foeniculum and Ridolfia (Downie & al. 2000).


Downie S.R., Katz-Downie D.S. & Watson M.F. (2000) A phylogeny of the flowering plant family Apiaceae based on chloroplast DNA rpl16 and rpoC1 intron sequences: towards a suprageneric classification of subfamily Apioideae. Amer. J. Bot. 87(2): 273-292. [available online at:]
Jiménez-Mejías P. & Vargas P. (2015) Taxonomy of the tribe Apieae (Apiaceae) revisited as revealed by molecular phylogenies and morphological characters. Phytotaxa 212(1): 57-79. [available online at:

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