Anogramma chaerophylla

Anogramma chaerophylla (Desv.) Link (syn.: Gymnogramma chaerophylla Desv.) (S-Am.) – An exceptional alien, more or less regularly recorded as a greenhouse weed (under tomatoes) in Wachtebeke since 2005 (now gone).

The vector of introduction remains speculative: Anogramma chaerophylla is generally not cultivated in Europe (Page & Bennell 1986). In Wachtebeke it accompanies Cheilanthes viridis var. macrophylla, another surprising xenophyte. An accidental introduction of spores with ore through the nearby steel plant Sidmar in the port of Gent has been suggested (White 2009).

Herbarium specimen

Anogramma chaerophylla Anogramma chaerophylla sori, drawing by Sven Bellanger


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White W. (2009) Adventieve tropische varens in een kweekserre: industrieel fijn stof als een mogelijke dispersievector. Dumortiera 96: 23-26.

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