Artemisia austriaca

Artemisia austriaca Jacq. (E and C-Eur., As.) – A very rare, formerly locally naturalised alien, possibly a garden escape. Discovered in 1944 in Braine l’Alleud (Sart Moulin) along a talus close to the railway station (on a stony, dry, sun-exposed site). Subsequently extending to nearby old walls and wasteland. This population was last confirmed in 1957 and probably little later destroyed as a result of infrastructural works.

The unique Belgian population was originally identified as Artemisia maritima var. pseudogallica (Rouy) J. Duvigneaud et Lambinon, a rare coastal taxon (and very unlikely to occur as an alien further inland).

Artemisia austriaca is here treated in a broad sense. Some recent authors segregate Artemisia repens Willd. (see for instance Grulich 2004). 

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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