Atriplex tatarica

5. Atriplex tatarica L. (Medit.) – A rather rare and decreasing, ephemeral alien. Already known in the first half of the 19th century from many, widely scattered locations. Most records are from wasteland (often associated with cereals). Recorded as an exceptional wool alien in the Vesdre valley around Verviers between 1895 and 1904. More recently recorded in Neder-over-Heembeek (canal bank, 1947). Last recorded in the 1990’s as a grain alien in Zeebrugge (1992), between Tielt and Deinze (1996) , in the port of Gent (1999) and near a grain elevator in Ruien (2018).

In other parts of Europe (mainly in Central and eastern Europe) Atriplex tatarica is an increasing alien and often behaves like an invasive weed (see for instance Jarzyna & al. 2010).


Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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