Barbarea stricta

Barbarea stricta Andrz. (C, N and E-Eur., W and C-As.) – A rather rare but much increasing, naturalized alien. Barbarea stricta long remained poorly understood and was much confused in Belgian herbaria. Lawalrée (1957) did not yet mention Barbarea stricta although early records seem to date back to at least 1880. It was first recognized in the 1970’s (Robbrecht 1977) and probably started to expand then, at first in the valley of river Kleine Nete. It was subsequently also recorded elsewhere in Flanders. At present Barbarea stricta is locally common by river- and canal banks throughout Flanders (see map in Verloove 2002). It is surprisingly rare in Wallonia. An up-to-date distribution map for Barbarea stricta in Belgium is available here:
The residence status of Barbarea stricta in Belgium is uncertain. It is doubtlessly native in parts of the Netherlands (van der Meijden 2005). The species’ Belgian distribution is concentrated in the northern part of the country; therefore a natural range extension cannot be excluded.
Barbarea stricta is best distinguished by its hairy flower buds. In addition, its fruits are usually erect and fairly closely appressed to the stem (vs. erecto-patent in Barbarea vulgaris subsp. vulgaris). However, this character is shared with other subspecies of Barbarea vulgaris, e.g. subsp. rivularis and these taxa are possibly confused.

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