Bistorta (L.) Scop.

Recent molecular phylogenetic research (Galasso & al. 2009) confirms the generic status of Bistorta. According to Schuster & al. (2015) it is closer to Aconogonon than it is to Persicaria. It is a genus of ca. 50 species, mostly native to arctic and temperate regions of Eurasia and North America. One species is native in Belgium as well, Bistorta officinalis Delarbre (syn.: Polygonum bistorta L.). Several species are more or less widely cultivated as ornamentals, especially Bistorta affinis (D. Don) Greene (syn.: Polygonum affine D. Don) and B. amplexicaulis (see also Jäger & al. 2008 for additional species).

1. Upper leaves clasping stem. Stem erect, usually branched. Flowers intensely red === Bistorta amplexicaulis

1. Leaves not clasping stem. Stem creeping or ascending to more or less erect, branched or not. Flowers pale pink, more rarely reddish === 2

2. Evergreen and matforming perennial with prostrate stems. Lowermost leaves with unwinged petioles === B. affinis

2. Perennial with ascending to more or less erect stems, dying down in winter. Lowermost leaves with petioles distinctly winged in upper part (native) === B. officinalis



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