Blumenbachia Schrad.

Blumenbachia, as currently circumscribed, counts 10 species, all native to southern South America (Henning & al. 2015). It contains all Loaseae with fruits twisted anti-clockwise. Two of these groups were until recently considered as parts of Caiophora C. Presl, but phytochemically, cytologically, morphologically and ecologically they clearly belong together with Blumenbachia (Weigend 2016+).
Two species of this genus are cultivated as ornamentals (Matthews 1997, Jäger & al. 2008), Blumenbachia hieronymi Urban and B. insignis Schrader, the type of the genus. Both are closely similar in general appearance and have been confused. All Belgian claims of B. insignis turned out to be referable to B. hieronymi (Verloove & Lambinon 2008).



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