Brassica barrelieri

Brassica barrelieri (L.) Janka (W-Medit.) – An exceptional and ephemeral alien. Recorded only once, in 2013, on rough ground near a grain storage in the Roeselare port area.

Brassica barrelieri apparently is a rather rare alien in Europe. In the British Isles there are only historical, no recent records (Clement & Foster 1994). In France it is naturalized and expanding in the Beaujolais region (Cornier & Girod 2002, Munoz 2003, Tison & de Foucault 2014). It is a noxious weed in parts of Australia as well (numerous online references).

This species is reminiscent of B. tournefortii. It has, however, bright yellow petals and very typical runcinate-pinnatifid rosette leaves that are tightly appressed to the soil; the leaves usually have more numerous lateral leaflets.

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